The History ...

     Hebdomas started it's activities during the last decade of the past century, forseeing the practical need that would one day make wrist watches one of the most important sector of the watch industry.


     In those days obtaining a long running capacity for watches was the goal of several watch-makers. It was through this challenge, which they conquered, that Hebdomas started it's production in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland).

     The craftmanship of the Swiss watch-makers in La Chaux-de-Fonds is world renowned, and this small village situated near to the French border, is also the birth-place of many famous Swiss brands.

     The work of these watch-maker has been re-discovered by a large public and connoisseurs, who appreciates the good craftmanship and models that time has preserved.

     Since 1888, all Hebdomas watches has been entirely manufactured by hand, piece by piece. Hebdomas high standard of quality is rooted in the experience of it's highly skilled watch-maker, and also in the remembrance of olden customs linked to the cycle of seven, which is the key number that made it famous throughout the world.

     The name Hebdomas recalls the festivities of Ebdomee, held in Sparta, Croton and Mileto, which celebrated the birth of Apollo on the seventh day of the month. In ancient Lesbos, sung by poets, such festivities were dedicated to Dionisio, holding many superstitious rituals and beliefs which were linked to the seventh day of the month.

A century of tradition has therefore helped Hebdomas to be well known and appreciated throughout the world.These famous time-pieces has been awarded several gold medals and distinctions.


      The success of the Hebdomas watches in the 1900 was unbelievable, and several unique pieces are still to be found in private collections all over the world. Particular care has always been taken in the manufactureing of Hebdomas, each element is meticulously selected and tested, even down to the beautiful enamel dials that ornates each piece.

      These 8 day time-pieces are still capable of bringing back a certain nostalgy of olden times, and even though, through modern technologies improvements has been made, nothing has changed from the original concept and design.


        Hebdomas has always kept it's creative spirit, and now gives a new start to other mechanical projects, such as an enterprising collaboration with Mr. Vincent Calabrese, the master watch-maker of international reputation, who received a gold medal in 1977 at the inventors exibition in Geneva. In april 1990, when his latest invention "BALADIN" was presented at the same exibition, a jury awarded him a prize for it's originality and unprecedented conception.

        Even today HEBDOMAS still offers quality, style and unique products to watch buyers all around the world. We now hope that you'll have the pleasure of owning these superb time-pieces and present them with pride.

Dated about 1905

Dated about 1910

Dated about 1940

Dated about 1930 complication day date

HEBDOMAS were the inventor of the visible wheel

Clock dated 1910

Engraving of the clock 1910 Grazely was the industrial founder with Mr.Schild of the factory with 1000 worker



Starting from 1965 all the dial have same flower on the dial