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The Brand HEB MILANO is born in 1997 as a need to be able to offer to its fashion clients a less demanding and sophisticated product compared to the traditional  movement HEBDOMAS Swiss made. In fact it was aimed to design lines of distinct visual impact accompanied by quality  while being produced in Japan.  

Milano Corso Vittorio Emanuele sul fondo il Duomo

            Indeed since 1888 Hebdomas, launched in continuous research of new technologies and mechanical solutions and being produced exclusively in Switzerland,  has been creating products destined for the collection owners and admires of mechanics even if not quite in line with current fashion trends.

Milano Galleria Corso Vittorio Emanuele

model : KWAKU from   , www.kwaku.it

In the long run what came as a result is a high quality and fashionable product  with no excesses.

Since 1997 up to date there has been numerous collections that relied on high quality durable materials and reasonable pricing.

Milano giardini di Indro Montanelli via Palestro

                       photo by www.lucabraguti.com

Milano showroom via T.Salvini 5

, Sergio Calatroni Concept Architect like


The latest introduced product features the revisited classical lines of the 70-ies designed with modern materials of transparent polycarbonate , alluminium , led well suit to a casual clothing style, alluring and fresh  at the same time.